Just wrapped on a four day shoot of Gamophobia. This is the 2nd experimental short film in our series based on phobia’s. 1st, ‘Eleutherophobia’ (the fear of freedom). 2nd, ‘Gamophobia’ (the fear of commitment). Check out the behind the scenes shot below.


Charlie's Angels 2019

Simon ended the year 2018 working as a 2nd Unit Third Assitant director on the upcoming Charlie’s Angels Reboot.



Simon's web series ‘Conversations of an Interracial couple’ has already had a few screening here in Berlin.  Simon himself was present at the screenings to present, discuss and answer any questions. Here are some pictures of the previous screenings. All episodes will soon be released via BenroFilms Facebook page and this website. 



‘Conversations of An Interracial couple’, a web series written directed and edited by Simon Adegbenro will be screening at the We Drink, Watch. Talk Film Evenings in Berlin, for more details check out link below.

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"Conversations of An Interracial Couple" is a new web series directed and written by Simon. It is a mockumentary about what it is like to be in an interracial relationship in modern day society. 

It will have it’s premiere at the Boddinale Film Festival 2018 on the 24th of February at the Urban Spree.


Simon worked as an Additional Assistant Director on the First Netflix produced  German Tv Series titled Dark.


Eleutherophobia Open Air Screening

Simon's Short Film Eleuthrophobia has been selected and will be taking part in the Short Nights Of Berlin Open Air Film Festival on the 19th of June 2017 at 21:45 in Kino Central Mitte Berlin. It will be shown along with other short films that represent Berlin.  


Simon Worked as an Assitant Director on the Netflix produced film "Mute" directed by Duncan Jones and  Starring Alexander Skarsgard, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux


That was Awkward

Simon's short film 'That was Awkward' has been selected for the 5th edition of the Boddinale Film Festival taking place at Loophole Berlin from the 9th-19th of February 2017.




Sense 8

Simon worked as an Assistant director on the second season of the Netflix TV series Sense 8. 


Temporary Discomfort Review

Enigmatic codes fill the opening scene of 'Temporary Discomfort'. We Immediately open the short film with Derek as he checks in at a hotel. Our locale for the short is Temporary - Derek does not live here, but there is a purpose behind his visit

Moments later Derek visits his old neighbor and asks ‘how are you?’, and receives no response. He then asks and is granted entrance into a room of someone he once knew, only to lie down.

We aren’t told what the significance of these moments are, but the reality is of their cinematic worth – we are here to decode the film, follow the trail of ideas and pursue the truth. It is this kind of cinematic storytelling which keeps a viewer’s interest: moments which are strung together as pictures rather than a picture book full of dialogue telling us what we should know and understand. The best element of this short is Adegbenro’s self restraint here, the plotting and use of narrative development feed the audience’s craving for information and atmosphere.

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tree bed review .jpg

Bizzare Sound Creatures Exhibition 2015

Eleutherophobia has been selected to take part in the Bizzare sound creature exhibition 2015. A new festival with is main focus on sound in all art forms

A great mutation of sound producing objects has started. In this new digital era, matter is not a limit anymore. Instruments are evolving into creatures of symbiotic interfaces, alien sounds, merged visuals, … It is time to make a journey through the most Bizarre Creatures of the Future Sound and experience for yourself a new musical universe.

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