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Brandon is an upcoming short film written, directed, edited and produce by Simon Adegbenro.

Brandon is about a young man coming to terms with the inevitable death of his mother, whilst falling in love...

Director Screenplay Producer - Simon Adegbenro

Country Genre - Germany, Drama

Festivals - Not yet premiered


Angus Mcgruther - Brandon

Adriana Moibus -  Jess

Liz Erber - Brandon’s Mum

Christian Wewerka - Brandon’s Dad


Screenplay - Simon Adegbenro

Producer - Simon Adegbenro


Director - Simon Adegbenro

Director of Photography - Kaspar Kamu

Art Direction - Louise Pons

Costume Design - Judith Shoemaker

Hair & Makeup Design - Jenna Smith

Sound - Matze Rupp


Editor - Simon Adegbenro

Sound Design - Gabor Ripli

Music - Andrew Stark, Sophie Hutchings

Shooting days - 4

Location - Berlin, Germany

Running time -  16:03 min

Shooting Format -  Digital

Screening Format - DCP, BluRay, DVD, .mov, mp4 (HD)

Sound - 5.1 Mix

Aspect Ratio - 16:9

Colour or BW - Colour

Content Rating Language / Subtitles - English

That Was Awkward

Directed, Edited, Written by & Starring Simon Adegbenro

It's been seven months since James and Tiffany broke up. On a quick visit back to town. Tiffany suggest that they meet for a cup of coffee.

Writer, Director & Editor - Simon Adegbenro
Starring - Simon Adegbenro & Judith Shoemaker
Sound - Florian valsek
Camera - Kaspar Kamu

Festival Screenings

  • Boddinale international film festival (2017)


Temporary Discomfort

Directed, Edited & Written by Simon Adegbenro

A young man DEREK is visited by his ex girlfriend MAGGIE in a hotel room. During this visit they both come to terms with the end of their relationship.

Winner of Best Drama & Actress at the Landes Film Festival Berlin Brandenburg 2015

Derek - Angus Mcgruther
Maggie - Judith Shoemaker
Maggie's Mum - Belinde Ruth Stieve
Receptionist - Vannesa Most

Director, Writer & Editor - Simon Adegbenro
DOP - Kaspar Kamu
Sound, Matyas Belbin, Julia Lindbloom, Sophia Bruderhofer
Producer -James Bateman


Festival Screenings

  •  Berlin Independent Film Festival (2015)
  • International Film maker Festival of World Cinema London (2015)
  • Boddinale International Film Festival Berlin (2015)
  • Landes Film Festival Berlin (2014)
  • Shortcutz Film Festival Berlin (2014)

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Directed & Edited by Simon Adegbenro

Installation Video

 Concept "We are born as humans trapped in a body we do not choose, born into a society with its own set of rules knowing this ask yourself are you free ?"

Concept by - Simon Adegebenro
Directed and Edited by - Simon Adegbenro
Camera - Kaspar Kamu
Sound - Linnea Magnusson
Sound Design - Simon Adegbenro

Subject 1 - James Bateman
Subject 2 - Kaspar Kamu


Screened at

  • Open Air Film Screening Cassiopeia Berlin (2015)
  •  Bizarre Sound Creatures Exhibition Eindhoven (2015)